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Why Handwriting skills matter and every school should teach it!!

As with the statics report, Handwriting is over and its keyboarding skills all the way. Ofcourse our students need strong keyboarding and technical skills, but handwriting skills has more benefits and creates brain connection that can’t be easily replaced by keyboarding skills. Our ARF Academy have mentioned some reason why handwriting skills matters a lot.,

  • Good Handwriting skills direct to stronger academic performance.
  • By using pen and paper will boost our students memory.
  • A neat handwriting will resemblance a more meaningful for a sentences.
  • Even though we are in digital world, Writing skills is the part of our day to day lives.
  • Handwriting skills encourage our child’s attention among group of people and developing their ability to concentrate.

Purpose of handwriting skills for students

  • The main purpose of good handwriting skills for students will leads with their studies assessments which are based on written work, particularly in time-limited written examinations.
  • Without fast and legible handwriting, our students will miss out on learning opportunities, under-achieve and may fall behind.
  • Good handwriting skills remains as the major form of assessment for many other formal qualifications.
  • Illegible handwriting can cause our children poor self-esteem it will trigger to loss of self confidence.

Course Details

ARF Academy is mainly focusing on over all CBSE & Matriculation school in Tamilnadu. We used to select n school from the district and we schedule the classes as per the school policy. Our services for the school students are Impressive Font + programs deals with cursive handwriting and calligraphic.

Summer Camp

We used to conduct summer camp course at the period of half yearly and annual leave days.
Language – Tamil/English
Handwriting style – English Cursive (Impressive Font +)
Class Hour – 1 hour/per day

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